Your 4-Step Job Search Check Up

Often people make an appointment with me claiming they want to talk about their goals or career direction. What they are really looking for is a Job Search Check Up.

Unemployed or underemployed people who are sending out resumes are worried they are not doing the right things to get hired. These job seekers come to me for new ideas and support.

I’m happy to help, however, I’ve noticed that many people make the same job search mistakes, so I give the same tips over and over.

Everyone needs information to make sure job search methods will lead him or her to the right job quickly.

Some of the job search actions you do depend on the industry and type of job you are looking for. Many job search activities are the same for most job seekers.

My four tips to help you be most effective in your job search are:

1. Upgrade Your Resume
These basic resume tips help to show your qualification for your ideal job.

2. Get Connected Online
Simple ways to effectively use LinkedIn and other online networking tools.

3. Get Connected In Person
Easy ways to build relationships with people who can help your career.

4. Get Help with Your Job Search
Take advantage of free and low-cost job search assistance in your area.

Keep looking up,

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