3 Ways a to Boost Your Job Search This Weekend

Often people want to use a three-day weekend as a vacation from their job search. However, just a few hours of intentional activity can boost one’s career for months to come.

Here are three easy things you can do this weekend that will help your career or job search:

1. Update your resume.
Does it really highlight your skills and unique value, not just rehash your past job descriptions?

Also, complete your LinkedIn profile – more and more employers are using LinkedIn instead of resumes to choose interview candidates. Make sure both your resume and your online profile reflect your personal brand.

2.  Write thank you notes to your networking contacts.
Mail a real, personalized hand-written thank you note; don’t just send a quick e-mail.

Pick 3-5 people to tell how much you appreciate their support this year.  Tell them you appreciate their advice and job leads, whether they led to an interview or not.  And remind them that they can count on you if they ever need resources or encouragement.

3. Take the time to look at all you’ve accomplished in the past few months.
Write down five reasons why you are proud of yourself.  Also, write down five things you are thankful for.

Whether you are happy with your current situation or not, there were some bright spots.  Recognize what is going well and build on those positives.

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