How to Advance Your Career While Working

When I tell people I’m a career adviser, they often think I help only job seekers. The truth is, many people who are currently employed can benefit from talking with a career coach.

In fact, the BEST time to work on your career development and position yourself for a better job is when you already have a job.

Many of the things that job seekers do to find their next opportunity are the same things employed people can do if they want to get a promotion, a raise, or expand their skills. For example, staying active in a professional association shows passion and commitment to your career field.

Check this out:
Personal branding expert Dan Schawbel’s website posted an article with tips to “Position Yourself For Success While Working Your Current Job.” Check out this post written by Bryan Clark and let me what you think of his advice.

Obviously, I’m a big fan of blogging. Which tip makes the most sense for you?