College & Career Info for Students of Color

1. Tuition Assistance for African American Males in Teaching Programs
Black male teachers are needed to teach the next generation. Do you know any Black Males who are seniors in high school who want to go to college out-of-state for FREE?  The Call Me MISTER program offered by select two-year colleges and four historical black colleges in South Carolina:

  • Benedict College
  • Chaflin University
  • Morris College
  • South Carolina State University

 Visit the Call Me MISTER website for details and online application or call 1.800.640.2657.

2. Harvard and other top universities offer free tuition for honor students with family incomes less than $125,000 per year.   For more info, go to Did You Know Low-Income Students Can Go to Harvard for Free?

3. Syracuse University School of Architecture is inviting young women and men of color to apply for their five-year professional degree in Architecture. Contact:  Mark Robbins, Dean School of Architecture, 201 Slocum Hall, Syracuse, NY 13244-1250 or

More Info:


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