Will The Real Job Creators Please Stand Up

If I hear the term “job creator” one more time I’m going to puke.

Job creator sounds like some special class of people (including corporations) who sprinkle money when and if they feel like it so we common folk can earn an honest living.  Job seekers and employees are passive subordinates to the all-powerful job creators.

Here’s a different perspective:

Businesses (i.e. job creators) need talented, skilled, motivated people to create their products and deliver their services. Right now, most U.S. businesses are concerned about running less expensive, streamline operations.  But that won’t help them thrive in the near future.

Any business in being successful in five, 10 or 20 years need creative ideas and competent workers.

They need us.

It’s time for everyone to tap into their entrepreneurial spirit and find new and different ways to offer products and services that will generate income.

Job creators might have the money, but it’s the employees who have the power:

  • The power to develop the next Big Idea
  • The power create the New Great Thing
  • The power to do things differently

As the economy climbs out of the Great Recession into the New Normal, it’s up to the entire workforce to move the country forward.

What are you doing to move yourself forward?

In case it’s not obvious: The information and opinions expressed on this blog do not represent the views of the author’s employers, clients or vendors.

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