Personal Branding Workshop for Christian Entrepreneurs

Know Yourself, Be Yourself & Express Yourself:
The Basics of Personal Branding

You have something unique to offer the world. But how do you let people know about your work and yourself with little money for promotions? We’ll look at how to build your personal brand — online and in person — effectively and inexpensively. This workshop is about authentic communications, NOT technology.

 WHEN: Tuesday, November 8, 2011, 7:00 PM

WHERE: Aagesen Chiropractic Clinic
5050 West 36th Street #100
St. Louis Park, MN (map)

RSVP: Register in the Christian Entrepreneur and Business Networking Meet Up Group

FEE: $5.00/per person paid at the door


  • How Personal Branding for Everyday People helps you to live out your values.
  • The pitfalls of not being aware of your brand or having a bad brand.
  • 3 social media basics.
  • Bonus: Attendees can take a highly respected personal branding assessment for free.

ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Denise Felder is a writer and career adviser dedicated to helping everyday people make positive choices that impact their lives and communities. She is the owner of DeniseMpls Consulting Services based in Minneapolis, operating in cyberspace, and living in the hearts of many.

Before becoming an award-winning career adviser, Denise worked in journalism and in television production where she learned the importance of effective communication skills. Denise is also on the board of the Minnesota Career Development Association. She is a Certified Online Identity Strategist, and a 360Reach Personal Branding Assessment Analyst. More about Denise:


Christian Entrepreneur and Business Networking Group
Are you a Christian entrepreneur, pursuing a business or idea or just thinking about it? How does being a Christian impact you as an entrepreneur or in your place of business? Do you ever wish you could meet other Christians who share your business interests, just to encourage and bounce ideas off each other? Do you ever wish you could make business connections that you know you can trust? Do you wish you could find Christian employees or work for an employer who is a Christian? This group is all about Serving the Lord and learning how to encourage each other to keep God as our focus as we run our businesses or work our jobs every day. We are also about making the connections to help us to keep our integrity in our businesses thus ultimately glorifying the Lord in doing so.

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