Economic Inequality in the Workforce

Economic disparities refer to unfair conditions and systems in our economy. Because of outside forces, members of some groups of people have a harder time achieving financial or career success than people in other groups.

QUIZ: What Do You Know About Poverty In The U.S.?

For the many middle class Americans, most of what we know about people living in poverty comes from the media -- fictional TV shows and over-sensationalized news stories. But what do you REALLY know about the financial, social and emotional realities of living in poverty in the United States? Take this quiz to find out.

Culture Plays Role In Hiring Gap

Many economic, societal, organizational and individual factors contribute to unemployment. However, the cultural differences between organizations (employing companies) and individuals from non-White-American groups might be underestimated. The “culture clash” in the workplace and in hiring processes could be a more significant factor in employment disparities than previously assessed.