QUIZ: What Do You Know About Poverty In The U.S.?


“Because we have a strong belief in America that everyone has the same chance of making it, and because people are uneducated about the realities that people in poverty face, poverty causes are attributed to behavior and choices,” Dr. Beegle says.

womanheache-marin“A child born into homelessness, hunger, and illiteracy is believed to have the same opportunities as the child born into privilege. We do not take into consideration the impact of environment on behavior and choices,” she says.

“People facing the crisis of poverty are not likely to ‘behave’ and respond in the same way as someone without those stresses,” says Dr. Beegle, president of Communications Across Barriers. “Do you respond the same when you are stressed as when you are not? Those with privilege have the luxury to be behave calmly and to make real choices about their future.”

“It is hard to think about having a future when your family is hungry today.”


If you work hard, you will move up the economic ladder in the American labor market.

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Photo by Marin; FreeDigitalPhotos.net