QUIZ: What Do You Know About Poverty In The U.S.?


Photo by Stuart Miles; FreeDigitalPhotos.net

According to the 2013 Census, 45.3 million Americans live in poverty. This is up from 37 million recorded in the 2000 Census.

Poverty is defined for a family of four as income below $23,283 (year 2012 guidelines). This Federal Poverty Guideline is calculated using a formula developed for cost of living in the 1960s. In the 1960s, economists believed that families spent one third of their income on food. The formula takes the cost of food and multiplies that by three to calculate a family budget.

The Economic Policy Institute reports that if you were to add health care, child care and transportation into the calculation of a median family budget, a family of four would need $63,364 for modest living standards.


True or False ~ The majority of Americans believe poverty is caused by people’s behavior and bad choices.

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