Why You Need Plan B, C, D & F

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Have you ever heard someone say that having a backup plan means that you are not fully committed to your dreams?

Well, that’s a bunch of hooey!

When thinking about where you want your life to go, it’s smart to create a backup plan or “Plan B.” If you don’t think about your options ahead of time, you are more likely to completely give up on your dreams when life does not go your way.

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The truth is, even the most well thought-out plans are likely to hit bumps in the road. Haven’t you heard about “the best laid plans …?”

For example, it’s common for someone not to graduate college within four years. Or decide not to go for a promotion because a better job opened up at a different company.

And too many of us know that getting laid off has a huge impact on professional and personal goals.

Think about the goals you set for yourself in the past. Did things happen exactly as you planned? They might have taken you longer than expected to complete.  Or something out of your control could have taken your life into an unexpected direction.

Life has a way of surprising us — in both good and bad ways.

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Why not think about alternative plans that might meet your needs and desires? Why not have a “Plan B?” Write down all the other ways you can reach your goals and be successful.

The great thing about life is that you always have options.

When one door closes … break a window!

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Here are some tips to help you make and stick to your career goals, no matter what life may bring:

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  1. I completely agree with this. You can be committed to plan A while still planning for contingency. Glad to have you in the Bloggers Group, Denise!

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