5 Job Search Tips for Ex-Offenders

Are you newly released from prison? Is someone you know not sure how to find work?

Looking for work with a criminal record is challenging. Here are some resources to help.

1.  Talk to your Parole Officer about your job search. Know what your PO expects of you and what you should and should not do to find a job.

2.  Find out which jobs are affected by your criminal record. If you have a felony conviction, you cannot be hired in some jobs.  Also, know about your work settings and schedule.

 3. Know how to communicate with employers. Understand how to behave in a job interview and how to best answer interview questions.

 4. Learn how to succeed at work. Find out what employers expect of you.

 5. Make a plan to find a better job or have a career your enjoy.

Want more resources to help ex-offenders with career planning? Check out the STEP AHEAD website.