Are You Managing Your Career?

Last week I had the pleasure of talking to a group of employment specialist and social service workers about “Career Management for Job Counselors.”

The tips I shared with them can work for anyone who want to re-energize their career or make a change.

Like most working professionals, people working for public and community programs often spend most of their energy helping their clients to succeed and rarely think about their own career identity.

Do you spend all of your energy helping your customers or your supervisor or your company to succeed and not time thinking about your own success? You probably don’t think about “managing your career” until you have to.

Common Triggers for Career Management

  • Don’t like current job or organization
  • Want a promotion, new position
  • Burnt out, restless
  • Want to improve self
  • Forced to leave job

No matter what career field you are in, remember that you career identity is more than your current job title.

The time to think about your career is not just when you need or want to find a new job.

The time to think about your career is anytime you want renewed focus in your current job, want to prepare for a promotion or new projects, or are thinking about changing directions.

In other words: You are in charge of your career management. How would you rate yourself as a manager?



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