Recruiters’ Secret Job Search Tips

Recruiters know better than other people what employers want from job seekers.

It is the recruiters’ job to match the right people to the right company. If a recruiter can’t find the right person to fill a job opening, then the recruiter does not get paid. Therefore, if a job seeker wants to know what it takes to get hired, he should ask a recruiter.

Recently, several top recruiters and HR professionals shared their knowledge to help job seekers make a successful connection with employers.  You can read all 50 Job Search Tips from Recruiters on the Talent HQ website.

A few of their job search tips:

3. If you know any recruiters or managers who regularly interview prospective new employees, ask them to give you a mock interview and take their feedback on your résumé and your interview style. This will improve your confidence and performance in real interview situations.

5. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone! If you let your thumbs do the talking, you’ll find yourself at the bottom of the inbox and a lose out on an opportunity.

11. Spend a day registering and applying to all jobs of interest to you on job boards such as Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed, and niche job boards such as and then don’t go back to them unless you receive an emailed job match alert (some sites call them agents) with a job which matches your interests. Starting on day two, network, network, network.

17. Ask yourself “What would I do for a job/career if money were no object and why?” If you can answer this about yourself, you can and should be able to go forward with a foundation to review and assess any new opportunities that come your way.

20. If you really want to impress a recruiter, tailor your resume to fit the job description of the job you are applying to. Don’t rely on a cookie-cutter resume to pique the interest of the recruiter. Pick out some main themes in the job description and use similar words or phrases when writing your career objective and when describing your work history.

31. If you are networking and sending a cold email, please do your research and reach out to the correct person for the role. Please do not reach out to 20 people at once with the same email. They will all end up in the recruiters inbox and she will not be happy.

36. Don’t be shy. A lot of job seekers are either ashamed that they are unemployed or don’t want to let people know they are looking for a job. Let it be known and get the word out there. Networking is one of the most important aspects of searching for a job, getting out there and meeting with people, attending events can only benefit you as a job seeker.

40. During an interview, the #1 thing hiring managers are looking for in candidates (whether they realize out or not): passion for the job they are being interviewed for, i.e., the occupation and/or industry. Everyone likes to work with someone who loves what they do!

45. Always be prepared to ask questions at the end of the interview, even if you feel you know the company/position. It can even be about the company history, culture, something that you read about the company online, anything, but do not ever say you don’t have any questions. The impression that this leaves with a recruiter is that you are not interested in the role they just spent time interviewing you for.

50. Send follow-up thank-you notes to everyone you meet with.

Read all 50 Job Search Tips from Recruiters.

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