October Buffet: Job Search Tips

Yummy roundup of some of this month’s most interesting job search and career tips.

After the Job Rejection: Why Following Up Gracefully Works (Work Coach Café)

10 Tips for Success at Job Fairs (Careerealism)

Tech Skills in Demand (Allison Doyle)

3 Steps to Creating Your Career Development Plan (Careerealism)

Employers Speak (iSpeak)

13 Common Interviewing Mistakes  (Job-Hunt.org)

How Job Seekers Can Fill a Skills Gap – For Free (iSpeak)

Your Resume Has Wrinkles: 9 Features That Make Your Resume “Old” (The Savvy Intern)

How To Survive Your Two Weeks Notice (The Grindstone)

4 Things a Well-Written Thank-You Note Can Accomplish (U.S. News Money)

How NOT to Ask for Help with Your Job Hunt (Keepie Careers)

The Real Responsibilities of a Job Seeker (U.S. News Money)

5 Important Things to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer (The Big Interview)

Finally landed a job? Now what? (Career Hub)

Is Your Job Search too Old Fashioned? (Work Coach Café)

4 Ways to Stay Up to Date with Your Network on the New LinkedIn Homepage (LinkedIn Blog)

Lessons From 6 Famous Sidekicks: How To Succeed Without Being A Lackey (AOL Jobs)

How Volunteering Can Land You A Job (Come Recommended)

Ten Time Sucks to Avoid in Your Job Search (The Savvy Intern)

How To Network Your Way Into a Job Without Looking Desperate (Brazen Careerist)