How Applying For Jobs Is Like Math Class

In the second grade, math was my favorite subject. Remember doing simple addition and subtraction?

3 apples + 2 apples = how many apples?

numbersYou can visualize the answer. Simple. Straightforward.

Then we learned the multiplication table. I hate that thing. Learning a new system, a new way of thinking. And when you were wrong, you were wrong.

Like all subjects, math become more complicated as I advanced in school.

Learning math is like looking for work.

The application process for many entry-level jobs is straightforward, like simple addition. You go to a business, fill out an application, and hopefully are called for an interview.

Applying for higher-level jobs is more complicated, like navigating the multiplication table. The hiring process in some industries can seem like advanced calculus. If you don’t follow the multi-step application process, you will not be considered for an interview.

There is good news:

Everything you need to know about applying for jobs you learned in math class.

Follow Directions
Read the job description carefully to find out what you have to do to apply for the job.roadsign

  • Are you required to send the employer a sample of your work along with a resume and cover letter?
  • Can you e-mail your application or must you fill out an online form?

If you don’t follow the directions properly, your application will not be complete and you will not be a candidate for the job.

Show Your Work
In your cover letter and on your resume be as specific as you can about how your experience matches the job.

Also, send link to your portfolio or website so the employer can see samples of your work. Make sure to highlight only the work relevant to the job you are applying for.

Applying for jobs is like a math class in another way – both can be stressful.

If you need help navigating the job search process, find a “tutor” to help you. You can find free and low-cost job search help at local One-Stop Career Centers and community employment services.

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