Free Online Summer Courses

You can be in 3rd grade or your third year of college. Either way, you are probably glad that the school year is ending.

booksSummer is the time to relax and have fun.  Summer is the time to hang out with friend and family. Summer is for having adventures. Summer is for learning new things.

Wait. What?

Who wants to learn in the summer?

Take the next few months to increase your computer skills, pick up a new job skill, or learn something new – just for fun.

Easy Ways to Learn Something New

  • Go to a workshop at a library or public park
  • Take a community education class
  • Check out online tutorials

You can find countless tutorials and courses online that can help you learn anything from how to play an instrument, to learning a new language, to understanding math equations.

Here is a short list of free online courses.
Courses related to world languages, personal development, financial literacy, business skills, and more.

Free Rice
Quizzes in world languages, geography, math, sciences, and more.

GCF Learn Free
Reading, technology, and math tutorials.

Kahn Academy
Test prep, computer science, economics, humanities and other courses.

Still happy that school is out for the summer? Enjoy this Alice Cooper classic, Muppets style.

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