What Type of Person Are You?

When was the last time you thought about your interests? Knowing what you like doing – not just what you know how to do – is important when you are planning your next career move.

smily-masksIf you choose a career path based only on what you know how to do (your skills), you are less likely to enjoy the job and more likely to get burned out.

Finding a job that you are good at and that uses your skills is important. However, wouldn’t you also like to find a job that you enjoy and that matches your personality?

Take a few minutes to remind yourself of your likes and dislikes. Then look for career options that fit what interests you.

• This short online version of the Holland Code Interest Assessment matches your preferences to career clusters (large categories of jobs).

• This Career Cluster Interest Survey uses questions about your personal qualities and subjects you like to find the groups of careers that best fit you.

You don’t have to take an assessment to know what kind of person you are. Look at the list of interest profiles below from MnCareers. Do you see yourself in one or more of these Holland Code profiles? Usually people identify with 2-3 profiles.

Realistic people are DOERS. They are often good at mechanical or athletic jobs. They like to work with things like machines, tools or plants. They like to work with their hands. They are practical and good at solving problems.

Investigative people are THINKERS. They like to watch, learn and solve problems. They often like to work alone. They tend to be good at math or science, and like analyzing data.

Artistic people are CREATORS. They like to have the freedom to use their creativity to come up with new ideas. They often enjoy performing (theater or music) and the visual arts.

Social people are HELPERS. They like to work with people more than with things. They enjoy training, counseling or curing people. They are often good public speakers. They have helpful, empathetic personalities.

Enterprising people are PERSUADERS. They like to work with other people. They like to influence, lead and perform. They are often assertive and full of energy.

Conventional people are ORGANIZERS. They are good with details and like to work with data. They have good organizing skills and like working in structured situations. They often work well with numbers. They are also good at following instructions.

What type of person are you? Did you see yourself in two or more of the interest types above? Does the job you have now or the jobs you are applying for match your interests?

Next Steps:

  • Seek out for personal and professional activities that match your personality.
  • Look for occupations that match your interest type(s).
  • Find coworkers and others who have qualities that complement you. For example, if you are an artistic person, connect with someone who is conventional and will bring a different perspective to your work.

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