What Type of Person Are You?

If you choose a career path based only on what you know how to do (your skills), you are less likely to enjoy the job and more likely to get burned out. Find a job that you are good at and that uses your skills is important. However, wouldn’t you also like to find a job that you enjoy and that matches your personality? Take a few minutes to remind yourself of your likes and dislikes. Then look for career options that fit what interests you.

President Needs a Cabinet — And So Do You

The President of the United States as an appointed group of trusted advisers. The same should be true for each of us.

15 Gift Ideas That Support Local Businesses

This year I am challenging myself (and you) to give holiday gifts only from local businesses, or homemade gifts. And because I know that I 'm kidding myself with that homemade thing, let's focus on local buying.