Help Your Teen With Career Exploration

roadsignIt’s OK for young people to be unsure of their plans.
You want a teen to be in “discovery mode” for a few months or a few years. Everyone makes decisions at their own pace (how many adults do you know who are still trying to “find themselves?”). Help your teen find the information and resources they need when they need it to move through the discovery process and make decisions.

The World of Work has changed.
Your teen is not preparing for the same job market that you stated to work in. Technology, economic factors, and other things have changed the workplace in recent years. Encourage your teen to find out about what employers expect from job seekers today, and how to prepare for future careers.

Resources from the Job Seekers Guide:

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2 thoughts on “Help Your Teen With Career Exploration

  1. A job or a career are the same because we trade time for financial compensation. What else is out there and I know because I found a opportunity that once you build it your time is yours to use for whatever and still getting paid.

    1. You give a good definition of a “job” – doing something and getting paid for it.

      Your career is the combination of all of your jobs (in similar fields), your education and training, plus community and professional activities you do related to your field.

      You are right that your career matches your interests, and often “work” doesn’t seem as difficult because you enjoy what you do, and you know that your actions are part of your long-term plans.

      Sounds like you have a positive attitude and know what your goals are.

      Keep looking up!

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