3 Signs Your Job Search Is A Joke

A while ago I listed the Top 10 Signs You’re Not Serious About Your Job Search. Job seekers of all skill level and in all industries especially struggle with:

success-fail-signNo. 4: “You cannot name five job titles that match your qualifications,” and
No. 5: “You have never done a mock interview or researched effective interview skills.”

I wrote the original 10 signs a few years ago. Since then, social media has changed the way employers connect with candidates.

Here are three updated signs that you are treating your job search like a joke.

1. Your focus is only on finding your next job, not your long-term career goals.
Of course you need to earn a decent paycheck. You also want a job with a schedule and location that fits your life. But is your ideal job part of your career path, or on a different road?

Think about where you want to be five years from now. Will you be OK with just earning a paycheck at a job you might or might not like? Or do you want to know that you are on your way to achieving your life and career goals?

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2. You are not part of professional community.
Whether you are currently working or not, you can connect with peers in your career area.

  • Attend events where you can learn more about your field.
  • Maintain relationships with former coworkers, supervisors and customers.
  • Share news items and your knowledge in professional groups in-person and online.

Be active in your professional community so that potential coworkers, employers and customers know who you are, what you can do and how you do it.

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3. You don’t take your online presence seriously.
The Internet: It’s not just for cat videos and porn anymore!

computerhandsSocial media is an important tool in your job search. In addition to finding and applying for jobs, you can use the Internet to make your career identity known to potential employers and your professional community.

Popular websites will come and go, but from now on people in all career areas should know how to use social media strategically.

  • Claim your name and state your game. Fill out your Google profile, even if you don’t use Gmail, so that you will have better results in search engines. Use your Google profile and other social media bios to let the world know your career identity.
  • Complete your LinkedIn profile and be active in groups related to your career area.
  • Use Twitter to keep current on news and trends and connect with others.
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Looking for more basic job search tips? Read Top 10 Signs You’re Not Serious About Your Job Search, or share your job search and career management tips below.

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