When The Going Gets Tough … The Tough Go To Work Anyway

smily-masksI graduated from college three years ago. Everyone said that there were lots of jobs in health care, but it took me two years to get hired in a clinic.

I’m grateful to be working, but this job is not a good fit for my skills, and it doesn’t pay enough. Now my manager is hiring new people at a higher pay rate than me, and he won’t talk to me about a raise or a promotion.

Obviously I’m looking for a better job, but it’s hard to go to work every day at a place that’s not a good fit for me. How do I keep from going crazy at a job I hate until I find a new job?

We live in the real world where quitting is not always an option. When you wake up day after day to go to work at a bad job, remember these three things:

  1. Keep calm and carry on
  2. Find your tribe
  3. Know when to fold ‘em

Keep Calm and Carry On
guyEmotionally disconnect from that negative workplace. Find ways to let go of the anger, frustration or fear your feel about your job. Even though you don’t know when you will find a new job, remind yourself that this job is temporary.

Work is an important part of most people’s lives. When your job is not going well, be careful to not let that negativity affect your personal life. Keep calm and focus on your strengths and the positive parts of your life. This will give you energy to deal with conflicts at work.

Find Your Tribe
Happiness has a lot to do with relationships. If you don’t like the company or your job duties, the odds are your coworkers are also unhappy. Connect with one or two people who want to find ways to stay positive and productive at work. Avoid people who only complain about work and offer no real solutions. Having a friend at work makes every day easier.

Know When To Fold ‘Em
Don’t accept your bad work situation. Have an exit strategy. In the meantime, set a goals for yourself like learning a new software, serving on a committee, or other career-advancing activities. You will be more attractive to other employers after completing a major project at work, or finished school. Know what milestones you want to meet before you turn in your resignation.

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