What Happens To My Social Media When I Die?

PDA-subwayWhat Happens to Your Social Media Profiles When You Die?

While Twitter will start deleting accounts after six months of inactivity, most other social networks won’t touch your profile unless specifically asked by a family member or an agent of law enforcement.

Preserving Online Accounts After Death 

A growing number of states are enacting laws that grant loved ones the right to access your digital information when you die.

What Happens to Your Facebook Profile When You Die? 

Facebook-iconFacebook actually has an FAQ section dedicated to the three options people have with a deceased individual’s account: memorializing the account, requesting to delete the account, or downloading the contents of the account, and then having it deleted.

Secure Your Digital Legacy By Planning Ahead 

Stacks of letters are now emails, story collections are now eBooks and classic movies are now stored online. What happens to all these when the inevitable happens?

Digital Death and Afterlife Online Services List 

The Digital Beyond maintains this list of online services that are designed to help you plan for your digital death and afterlife or memorialize loved ones.

7 Resources for Handling Digital Life After Death

After someone passes away, their digital assets live on in the form of computer files and data online. For some, that’s not a big deal. But for others, the thought of leaving digital assets unattended for eternity after death is unthinkable.


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