Do You Know How To ‘Work’ Your Attitude?

You have the skills to do the job. So how does a business owner or hiring manager decide if you are the right person for the job?

Many employers say soft skills – including your attitude — matter more than technical skills when filling entry-level positions.

Hiring managers in all industries say they can teach new employees how to do the job, but its harder to teach people to have

  • a positive attitude
  • a willingness to learn
  • ability to get along with different types of people

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What can you do to show employers you have the attitude and soft skills of a good employee?

stickfiguremeetingMind your manners. Treat everyone you meet with respect even if you don’t think anyone is watching you. Employers and your networking contacts are always looking for clues as to how you would treat your coworkers and customers.

Dress the part. How’s your appearance? Are your clothes similar to what other people in your chosen career wear? What about your hairstyle and other parts of your appearance?

Talk the talk. When you talk with employers and other professionals, speak clearly, think about your responses, and do not use slang. You usually do not talk to employers the same way you talk with your friends. Getting too “familiar” with an employer might be seen as a lack of respect.

Think about which soft skills are your strongest and which you need to work on.

Having the attitude of a professional is the first step in getting hired as one.

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