I Wish I Had Said That: Reaction to Obama

For some time now I’ve wanted to write a blog motivating teens to be proactive and pursue realistic career goals. I could write 1,000 words alone on why Pro Athlete and Reality TV Star are not viable career choices.

It would have been a great piece a writing — the blog to end all blogs. But this week someone beat me to the punch. Oh well, if I’m going to be upstaged, I’m glad it was by the President.

Here’s video of President Obama’s speech to American students. As you watch it, just imagine me nodding my head in agreement. (For those of you who like to kick it old school, here’s the text from the President’s speech.)

After his speech Tuesday, a 9th grader asked Mr. Obama how a young person could become president one day. The President gave some good advice about how careless use of social networking, like Facebook profiles, can affect one’s future.