Feedback From Employers Hiring Recent College Grads

These are excepts from phone call and e-mails I received from employers who were interviewing several applicants for full-time positions

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EMPLOYER #1: Was interviewing for entry-level computer programmers

“I would appreciate it immensely if you would tell students who apply (with this company) to be a little bit more formal when corresponding with us. Also, professional e-mail addresses are always looked at more fondly then non-professional addresses.”

EMPLOYER #2: Was interviewing Field Service Technicians (IT)

A recent college grad ruined his chances of getting hired with this company because …

  1. He was late for the interview
  2. He was not dressed appropriately (candidate wore polo shirt and jeans)
  3. His hair and appearance were not appropriate to present to the company’s clients

Notice: Neither employer said anything about the job candidate’s skills. They might have been the most technically qualified person for the job. But if an employer does not think that you take yourself seriously, or is worried about how you will represent the company to their clients, you will not get hired.

Remember to take every phone call from an employer, every e-mail message, and every job interview seriously. Employers want to know that you have respect for yourself and will have respect for their company and clients.

If you are unsure of how to behave, communicate or dress for a job interview, talk to a career counselor, your college career services office, or go to a WorkForce or One-Stop Career Center for help.

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