Personal Branding for Everyday People #1

Truth #1: Everyone has a brand.

Personal Branding is NOT optional.  You might not know what your brand is, or how it affects your career or job search, but you DO have a brand.

Shouldn’t you think about how you want to use your brand to help achieve your personal and professional goals?

Truth #2: The definition of branding (according to personal branding guru William Aruda, is your “unique promise of value.”

  1. Unique = How are you different from your peers or competition? What do you do better? What is different about your background, personality, skills, or knowledge?
  2. Promise = Deliver what you say you will. If you say you are a “hard worker,” “work well with people, or “detail oriented,” then prove it in all of your work and volunteer projects.  Your actions speak louder than words.
  3. Value = You only need to provide value to your target audience, not the whole world. Do the people with whom you work, or want to work for, know what you do and how you can help them?

5 Quick Personal Branding Tips for Everyday People

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