Highlights From #MnACE Social Networking Talk

Nearly 70 professionals gathered in person and on Twitter to discuss “Using Online Networking to Create Real-World Relationships” Friday. The conversation among HR professionals, recruiters, and college staff members focused on how organizations can best use social networking tools to connect with young professionals.


1.    Denise Felder, MnCareers Editor, @DeniseMpls

2.    Diane Kulseth, Social Media/Content Strategy Intern at Three Deep Marketing, @DianeKulseth

3.    Allison Lewis, Outreach Coordinator at Hennepin Technical College, @HTCHammerhead

4.    Karen Underhill, Learning & Development Consultant at MN Dept. of Natural Resources, @OpenToPurpose

Highlights of the #MnACE social networking conversation:

What tips do you have for graduates connecting with HR online?#MnACE

How can employers recruit candidates using Twitter? #MnACE

  • @soapboxholland Show up, you have to play to win! If u don’t have a presence in social media then graduates are less likely to find u
  • @dwisniewski  Twitter is a good place to create awareness of a position – it should be used as a starting place.
  • @DirectEmployers You can post job openings one time on several different platforms with tools like Hootsuite and by leveraging RSS feeds.
  • @dwisniewski it is a great way to reach passive candidates, but must be done courteously – respect the candidate!

How did you learn the tricks of each social media (ex: Twitter hashtags) #MnACE

  • @morriswm I take two approaches: 1. show them news feeds and updates from people who are interesting or funny content …”
  • @morriswm: 2. assure them that they don’t need to read every tweet in the timeline. It’s OK to dip in & out when as you have time.”
  • @dianekulseth social media efforts can take a lot less time by scheduling posts via aggregators and set alerts for mentions to engage w/ audience
  • @DistanceMN RT @iseekMN: The key to making Twitter work for you is to use hashtags in the #jobsearch, hence #MnACE
  • @MnLCAdvising #Hashtags are key!!!
  • @soapboxholland  when I see something new in social (hashtags) I research on internet to learn the how’s and why’s
  • @opentopurpose I took a few workshops from the marketing association a MN AMA, watched others and experimented
  • @dianekulseth At #MnACE there seems to be a common misconception that Twitter users share personal daily routine details, what do you think?
  • @dwisniewski nothing is more annoying then the tweets or posts about personal routines.
  • @broegge For Twitter, focus on professional. Put in bio the topics you’ll tweet about. Avoid “life casting” (posting personal stuff).
  • @soapboxholland I am friends with colleagues on Facebook w/ the disclaimer that this is a personal account & will express my personality

Other Comments #MnACE

  • @DirectEmployers It can be eye opening to Google yourself or use pipl.com. What kind of impression does your online footprint leave?
  • @dwisniewski  be aware of your online image/brand – ask yourself, what will HR see or read if they connect to me?
  • @DirectEmployers see if your contact has preferred channel of communication. They may check 1 platform more often or prefer email.
  • @dianekulseth Denise quoting from @girlmeetsgeek: linked in is the office, twitter is the water cooler, and Facebook is the bar
  • @dwisniewski certain industries gravitate to certain tools – find out which is best first!
  • @opentopurpose If you are new to social media, my advice is to build your profile or brand before connecting to others and have a strategy
  • @dwisniewski @opentopurpose – completely agree – people need to know why they would network with you – your profile/brand should do that!
  • @DirectEmployers Great benefit in using social media is the real-time communication provides info quickly & allows for instant feedback
  • @dwisniewski Don’t just network with your friends or co-workers – ask them to introduce you to people in their network.
  • @broegge Twitter is 100% public and archived by Library of Congress. Be careful what you tweet, could come back to haunt you.

Handouts from Event:

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