Why Job Seekers Should Jump On Google Plus

Google’s new social networking platform, Google Plus (Google+) already reached 10 million users in its first three weeks of existence. Of course, one month is about three years in Internet years.

Google+’s ability to add contacts to “circles” and share information in “streams” combines the best elements of Twitter and Facebook. But will Google+ take the throne from those two social networking giants? Only time will tell.

Once thing is certain: Using Google+ will help your job search.

  • You can add networking contacts and prospective employers to your circles
  • You can build relationships with people in your industry
  • You can post articles and information relevant to your field of work in your stream
  • You can ask questions about industry trends and get responses from colleagues and thought-leaders
  • You can build your brand

Lots of career advisers and Internet gurus have posted tips for using Google+.

Look at their suggestions, ask your networking contact for an invitation to Google+, and add this powerful tool to your job search tool kit.

More about Google Plus:

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