EVENT: Personal Branding for Artists & Authors

Know Yourself, Be Yourself & Express Yourself:
The Basics of Building Your Brand Online

Presenter: Denise Felder, Career Advisor and Writer; DeniseMpls Consulting Services

You have something unique to offer the world. But how do you let people know about your work, your art, and yourself when there’s not a lot of money for promotions? We’ll look at how to build your personal brand online and in person effectively and inexpensively.

This workshop is about authentic communications, NOT technology or gadgets.

We’ll talk about how to “Know Yourself, Be Yourself, and Express Yourself” while reaching out to customers. We’ll discuss the four essential questions you need to answer to build any brand.

Plus, Minnesota Authors and Artists attendees can take a highly respected personal branding assessment for free.

Date: Monday, September 12, 2011

Time: 7-8:30pm

Location: Washington Tech School (former Arlington High School)
1495 Rice Street St. Paul, MN 55117

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Presenter Bio:
Denise Felder (http://DeniseFelder.com) is a writer and career adviser dedicated to helping everyday people make positive choices that impact their lives and communities. She is the owner of DeniseMpls Consulting Services based in Minneapolis, MN, operating in cyberspace, and living in the hearts of many.

Before becoming an award-winning career adviser, Denise worked in journalism and in television production where she learned the importance of effective communication skills. Denise is also on the board of the Minnesota Career Development Association. She is a Certified Online Identity Strategist and a 360Reach Personal Branding Assessment Analyst. More about Denise: ww.linkedin.com/in/denisefelder.

Event Sponsor: Minnesota Authors & Artists is a networking and training group for local authors, artists, and illustrators.

2 thoughts on “EVENT: Personal Branding for Artists & Authors

  1. The workshop mentioned above seems to be an interesting concept, regarding the online tag. It seems that when I read “back” in history, every artist who didn’t just get the world handed to them through the fluke of meeting “the right person” spent their days trying to brand themselves. One person who immediately comes to mind is Dylan Thomas, who spent a good part of his life on the road, performing his poetry and prose through public readings, which was an attempt a “branding himself” pre-internet; afterwards he was sure to go to a local bar, where he would become a barstool brander. I review small music festivals, and I encounter countless Dylan Thomas’s in the festival circuit musicians I meet.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Artist have always “branded” themselves — becoming known for their authentic and unique selves. Today, many artists choose to have more business and marketing skills in order to increase their visibility, sales of their works, and network for new opportunities. Having a website like yours is just one tool available. If you are interested in joining the discussion to help fellow artists to Know, Be, and Express themselves, RSVP for the Sept 12 event.

      Thanks – and keep looking up,

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