Sending Resumes Bad For Your Job Search?

You have looked for work for several weeks, maybe months. Now you’re in a routine of job search activities that seems like its working for you. But is it working?

See if this sounds like you:

Typical Activities

  • Most of your time is spent searching for job openings online.
  • You frequently e-mail your resume and fill out online applications.
  • When you can, you apply for your target job. More often you are applying for related jobs or jobs that don’t sound interesting but you’re willing to do them.

Your getting some calls for interviews, but not for the jobs you really want. You feel frustrated. You’re doing a lot but not getting the results you want – an interview for your target job.

 Your top employer might be hiring for your dream job now and you wouldn’t know it. A small percent of jobs are posted online.

~~ The Secret Job Websites Don’t Want You To Know ~~

 Change Up
To increase your chance of an interview for your ideal job, turn off the computer and talk to people face-to-face. Join professional organizations and attend networking events so that the people who hear about job leads know who you are.

When you are online, spend more time in social networking forums, like LinkedIn groups. Employers are more likely to hire someone they connect with than someone who is just a name on a resume.

When you do respond to online job openings, focus only on your target jobs. Don’t measure success by the number of resumes you send. Success is the number of connections you make that might connect you to your ideal job.

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 Next Move
Find a networking or job search support group. Go to an event for professionals in your field, or find a group near your home.

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