Got One Minute to Help Your Career?

Recently the career advising website Careerealism asked me and other coaches if we had job search tips that took less than one minute to complete.

It seems crazy to think that an activity that takes less than one minute can have an impact on your job search or career development. But there are a lot of little things you can do that can make a big difference to your career.

Here are 5 quick tips I suggest:

1.  Read your resume backward. ~ Take time to proof read your resume one more time. Catch any typos before you send it to employers.

2. Respond to an industry leader’s tweet or blog post. ~ The job seekers who stand out in the crowd are the ones who show interest in their industry and are on top of current events. Interact with your colleagues and industry leaders via social media. It proves you are more than just a name on a resume.

3. Make a follow up call. ~ It takes less than 60 seconds to leave a voicemail for a hiring manager restating your interest and qualifications for the job you applied. The result could be your name floating to the top of their list of interview contacts.

4. Read a company’s website. ~ You already know you should research a company before you go to an interview. But have you done it yet? Take a minute to get to know the company’s history, philosophy and main products now. You will be ready for that interview later.

5. Send a thank you e-mail to your networking contacts. ~ Did someone give you a job lead or give you a nice reference? The few seconds it takes for you to write a brief but sincere thank you note can strengthen your networking relationship for a long time.

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