‘Avenger’ Example Of 2nd Chance

First an announcement: A new career resource for ex-offenders and others facing difficult life issues will launch this June. Look for STEP AHEAD on ISEEK.org.

Collaborating with people who understand what it means to turn your life around got me thinking. We may not battle something as dramatic as going to prison, however, I suspect that most people feel like we’ve had to start over after a major setback.

These life events can include:

  • Being laid off
  • A divorce
  • Accident or illness
  • Getting fired
  • Death of a loved one
  • Financial crisis

Look around you. If you don’t know people who have survived one or more situations like these, then you are not paying attention.

Find out how the people in your life survived and succeeded. Their wisdom of what to do — and what not to do — might help you the next time you hit a rough spot.

Examples of perseverance, courage, resilience and strength are all around us. One famous example of a “comeback kid” is Robert Downey, Jr.

Read this blog article from SecondAct.com to find out how the actor went from unemployment and drug addition to being today’s top box-office draw.

The Ironman’s life offers tips for all job seekers and people struggling to turn their lives around.

Ask for help, accept help. Find people and resources willing to support you when needed. Then do what you can to prove to them and to yourself that you are worthy of a second chance.

Focus on what you do well. You can’t change your past mistakes. But you can look forward, develop new skills and find new opportunities to reinvent yourself.

Give yourself time. Rebuilding your life or career takes time. Be patient as you gain new skills and prove that you are trustworthy and competent.

For more tips and inspiration, read Reinvention 101: 5 Lessons From Iron Man Robert Downey, Jr.

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  1. interesting article, getting laid off is a horrible feeling, its up there with going to jail, sometimes its worse.

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