Vacation Brings Life Lessons and Blessings

Last week I took a much-needed vacation from work. I stayed in town and spent quality time with my family, and rediscovered parts of my hometown that I’ve neglected for years.

As with any life event, my staycation provided both lessons and blessings.

What I Learned

  • I need to pay more attention on the things I have in my life and less time complaining about what I don’t have. My time and energy is better spent maintaining or improving what I’ve got than daydreaming about what I wish I had. This is true about my house, my car, my health, my finances and my relationships.
  • I can handle being outside in 88-degree heat. I can’t handle 95-degree heat. And it’s true that they say – the humidity will get you.
  • There will always be better ways to spend my time than to do housecleaning.
  • Now is always a good time for a spontaneous song (my 2-year-old nephew taught me that).

Discovered Blessings

  • Positive relationships with my family.
  • Both of my parents are living and in good health.
  • The wonderful piece of God’s glory that is Minnehaha Falls.
    Gratitude for living in a city with an amazing parks system that honors its natural beauty.
  • The exuberance of being with a toddler.
  • The grace and wisdom of being with an elder.

What lessons and blessings did you gain this week?