3 Networking Basics

You might like the idea of talking to people about your career goals, or the idea of networking might make you nervous. Either way, here are three things to remember as you connect with people.

It’s all about you … sort of.
Before you can talk to other people about your career goals, you need to be clear about your goals. Be confident in your career identity and know what type of opportunities or information you will talk about with your network.

Networking is a two-way street.
Don’t connect with people only to get job leads or information for yourself. Share resources with your connections. Make a point of asking the other person how you might help them with their projects or goals.

Connect with style.
Everyone networks differently. Some people enjoy going to social events to meet a lot of new people. Others prefer to maintain relationships with a small but meaningful number of people. Test out different ways of building relationships online and in person to find your networking style.

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