Interview: Why I Do What I Do

Like many people, the career area I’m in now is completely different from the career I started.

I started in journalism and media; now I’m a career adviser. Because the two career areas seem completely unrelated, people often ask me how I got here from where I was.

Denise-HERD2010-2Here is an interview I gave to Media Shower about my transition into career advising, and why helping people find meaningful careers is so important to me.

I appreciate Sam Jordan’s funny and interesting questions. I usually don’t talk about my (distant) connections to Prince or Donny Osmond.

Sam also got me to talk seriously about how the 9/11 terrorist attacks changed my life – a difficult time to think about.

We also discussed the Minneapolis job market. I gave an honest answer and talked about Minnesota’s racial economic disparities.

The many, complicated reasons why people of color are not being hired into or retaining good-paying, career-advancing jobs is a serious issue that affects our entire economy.

In addition to helping job seekers to make positive decisions that affect their lives and careers, I intend to examine and write about some of the larger issues affecting the employment and education of everyday people.

You can find a bit more about where I’m coming from in the interview 10,000 Hours in 10 minutes: Denise Felder on Career Coaching.

Keep looking up.