3 Things New Hires Should Do

Congratulations! After a difficult search, you are starting a new job.

officeNow what?

Aside from knowing your job description, what does your new employer expect from you?

Think about it: When was the last time you were the new person at work? Do you remember how to make a good first impression?

Some of the work habits you might have developed came from years of working with coworkers and supervisors who know your personality and your work style. You also act differently when you have seniority at work – longevity or status – than you do when you are new or in a low-ranking position.

Here are some basic tips for new employees entering any type of workplace.

Success For New Hires

Listen, look, ask.
Your top priority the first few days and weeks in a new job is to learn as much as you can about your job, your department and the company. Think of ways to do your job better or to help your department to meet its goals. However, when and how a new employee presents ideas varies. Understand how to navigate the company culture.

Show up every day and on time.
The only way to build your reputation as a dependable employee is to BE dependable. Stick to your work schedule. Don’t be late and try not to call in sick during the first few months of a new job. If you have a vacation scheduled, let the employer know about it during the hiring process and remind your supervisor on your first day.

Dress the part.
During the interview and on your first day at the job, pay attention to what your coworkers are wearing. Dress similar to them. Or if you want to advance in the company, dress for the job you want five years from now.

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