Job Search Check Up: Get Connected In Person

As you know, finding the right job is about who you know. Here are some easy ways to build relationships with people who can help your career.

1. If you are not already, become an active member of a professional organization related to your industry.

2. Talk to people working in your industry. Do informational interviews with both managers and people at your level. Find out what type of experience and skills are valued at their companies.

3. Contact your college alumni and/or career services office to find out if they have any networking events or services to help you. Both in-person and online resources can help you to build your network and connect with potential employers.

4. Find a job search networking group near you. Professional groups, employment agencies, and community or religious organizations often host these. Just talking with others who are job searching can give you emotional support and well as job leads. In addition, you likely have job leads or information you can share with others.

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