How To Take The Good With The Bad

Feeling bad is a natural part of changing and growing. So is feeling good.

In  life, you will have lots of ups and downs. This is especially true when you are working your plan to achieve your goals.

Don’t decide to stop growing just because it is stressful, or you feel different. You are supposed to feel different. That’s what change is all about.

When you do feel bad, you can do two things:

Think before you act.
When we feel down or are in pain, it’s natural to want to feel better quickly. Before you get that quick relief, ask yourself:

Is what I’m about to do going to slow or derail my growth?

We all need time to rest and time to enjoy ourselves. But watch out for the temptation to do self-destructive activities that might keep you from achieving your goals.

Examples of self-sabotage:

  • Playing computer games instead of looking for job leads or participating in social networking
  • Volunteering to bake cookies for a community event when you are on a no-sugar food plan
  • Staying up late so you are too tired to concentrate at work or school the next day

Ask for help. Accept help.
No one expects you to make changes alone. Tell your family and friends your plans. Let them support you in any way they can. Sometimes a kind word is all you need to keep going.

Also, find an organization, group or program that specialized in whatever type of change you want to make.If you are looking for work, join a job search support group. If you want to get in shape, find a running club or hire a trainer. If you are learning a new skill, ask your instructor for help and practice with your peers.

You can connect with experts and other people who have gone through or are going through the same process you are. They will have resources, information, and support to help you be successful.

Keep looking up!

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