Top 10 Career Blog Posts of 2011

Here are this year’s most read blog articles with career information and advice.

It’s no surprise that the two most popular posts dealt with specific questions from job seekers who are doing everything they can to schedule interviews but are not getting job offers.

I hope that the information in these articles will give you the insight to move ahead in your career or job search in 2012.

Keep looking up!

2011 Top 10 Career Blogs Posts

 10. What to Ask During an Informational Interview

 9. Your (Professional) Reputation Precedes You

 8. 6 Resume Tips For The New Job Market

 7. Why Job Seekers Should Jump On Google Plus

 6. Q&A: Bad Reference Keeping Employers Away

 5. The Secret Job Websites Don’t Want You To Know

 4. Q&A: Bad References from Past Employers

 3. 2011 Scholarship List for Students of Color

 2. How to Gain Experience When No One Will Hire You

 1. Q&A: Master’s Degree But No Job Offers

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