How To Live A Life Worth Living

I read the headline for the blog “10 Ways to Write a Life Story Worth Living” I thought it said “10 Ways to Live a Life Worth Writing About.”

However you word it, this Marc and Angel Hack Life post gives good tips for making positive choices to live a life that matches you values and priorities.

All 10 ideas are good ones. I could (and have) write an article about each one. The 3 ideas that stood out the most are:

#3 Live happily in your own way.

#4 Change your path when you must, but keep moving forward.

#6 Let go of the past and live consciously in the present.

 Read the full explanation of all 10 ideas on Hack Life.

What are your ideas for living the lifer you want?

Also from DeniseMpls:



2 thoughts on “How To Live A Life Worth Living

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