Q&A: Experience Does Not Match Jobs

Here is a comment from an adult going back to school to qualify for jobs. It was originally posted on the DeniseMpls Facebook page. "It is very discouraging when you are forced into unpaid internships and low-paying jobs just so you can gain exposure to your chosen field. Entry-level jobs even demand 3-5 years of experience in that field ..."

Top 10 Career Blog Posts of 2011

It’s no surprise that the two most popular posts dealt with specific questions from job seekers who are doing everything they can to schedule interviews but are not getting job offers.

3 Steps to Help Someone Find the Right Career

"When I ask my teenager about his plans for the future, he thinks I’m talking about next weekend. Seriously, how can I get my teen to think past high school graduation?"

Highlights From #MnACE Social Networking Talk

The conversation among HR professionals, recruiters, and college staff members focused on how organizations can best use social networking tools to connect with young professionals.