Why Don’t You Go To Networking or Job Support Groups?

This is a reprint from theCAREER CONNECTION Job Hunter News, Oct-Nov 2010 edition.

If 200,000+ Minnesotans are unemployed, then why do so few people go to Job Transition & Networking meetings?

…“ BECAUSE there is not the realization that face-to-face contact gets you more avenues to land a job.” – Tom Brady, Job Transition Support Group Facilitator

…“ BECAUSE people believe all they have to do is go online and take the electronic route (which rarely works!) ” – A corporate recruiter, speaking to a Job Transition Group this August

Here is a list of Twin Cities Metro Area Job Transition Support and Networking Groups.

Don’t live in the Twin Cities? Check with your local WorkForce Center or One-Stop Career Center and ask if they host networking or job clubs.


“When you SHOW UP, you gain advantages that other job hunters don’t have! ” – David Singer, Human Resource Director

“It is not the number of hours spent job hunting, but the NUMBER AND QUALITY OF CONTACTS that matter.” – Amy Lindgren, Career Counselor, Prototype Career Service, St. Paul

Which networking groups have helped you?


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