Why Job Seekers Should Jump On Google Plus

Will Google+ take the throne from those two social networking giants? Only time will tell. Once thing is certain: Using Google+ will help your job search.

Highlights From #MnACE Social Networking Talk

The conversation among HR professionals, recruiters, and college staff members focused on how organizations can best use social networking tools to connect with young professionals.

Using Online Networking to Create Real-World Relationships

While we are leading an in-person discussion about helping college students and graduates to best use social media, you can join the discussion via Twitter (search for #MnACE).

Year’s Top 4 Social Media Tips for Job Seekers

Blogs, online news sources, and social media sites provide a TON of resources and advice for job seekers. Here are a few of the more helpful articles I found in 2010.

5 Ways to Help Your Job Search In a Snow Storm

If you have cabin fever like I do, here are five career- advancing activities you can do to keep yourself from going stir crazy when snowed in.